Hilltop Looking to Expand into Game Changing Technologies

This past year, Hilltop Enterprises has been looking to expand its business into areas that complement its current business dealings.  These dealing include, Fly Ash Management, T&D, C&D, and TEVET – Thermally Enhanced Vapor Extraction Technology.

In 2015, Hilltop began looking into a treatment for reducing carbon emissions, and while this technology ultimately did not work out the way that had been hoped, it has opened up doors in many other areas.  Working with different professionals and engineers, Hilltop has continued to foster and grow valuable relationships within the industry and is continuing to look for new technologies that may have the potential to have a huge impact and perhaps become a game changing technology.  If you have an idea or are currently seeking a partner, please contact Al Silkroski – asilkroski@hilltopenterprises.com.