Landfill Expansion

What is safeBERM?

Our encapsulated mechanically stabilized earthen (eMSE) berm system design, safeBERM goes beyond any traditional MSE berm design by incorporating additional safety factors.  By integrating macroencapsulation, proactive liquids management, flattening out the exterior slope, and providing easy access, the safeBERM system provides protective features unmatched in today’s market.

In addition, revenue generating beneficial-use materials are used to:


Flexibility of design allows macroencapsulation to be applied to facilities even if they have current restrictions.  The innovative expansion method prevents landfill creep and does not impact the surrounding area.  99.7% of safeBERM systems consist of recycled fill material of all types from coal combustion residuals (CCRs) and other environmentally controversial substances to common soil, crushed concrete and glass.  By using a sustainable method of full encapsulation that responsibly reuses the material and keeps it stable and harmless for hundreds of years.safeBERM Logo 4