Landfill Reclamation and Beneficial Use

Hilltop Enterprises has developed programs that use ash as a cap for brownfield sites and abandoned landfills. Abandoned by previous owners, these sites have been left to the states to clean up. Hilltop Enterprises has worked with state agencies to provide an impervious cap made from fly ash and other materials.

Hilltop Enterprises has also partnered with the leading Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall technology firm to allow fly ash to be beneficially used in MSE applications. This technology allows Hilltop Enterprises to substitute fly ash for soil in certain applications, creating other beneficial use application.

Because of our decades of experience in every region, Hilltop Enterprises assists in identifying the optimal combination of technologies, disposal strategies and marketing programs. Then, Hilltop Enterprises supports the client with implementation of all, or part, of the CCP management plan.